IPL and The Benefits

Are you trying to get rid of spots on your face from the sun, aging, acne scars and rosacea and more?

IPL is something you want to consider then, its a intense pulse light treatment. If your wondering what that means, its similar to a laser but has more than one wavelength of pulsating light. It can help rid of those stubborn acne scars, roseacea, sun spots (including freckles) and more.

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*Image on left, patient wiith sun spots and roseacea, image on right, patient ahs rosacea.*

How is the downtime?

Its a short treatment roughly a half hour with little to no downtime. Some things to expect afterwards is some redness or possible bruising. It will feel like a sunburn and you should treat as so. When healing we reccomend to wait before putting on makeup, it could irritate the skin, stay out of the sun, no hot showers. Use moisturizing lotion on treatment area and if you go outside use at least SPF36 and reapply every 2 hours. After 1-3 treatments 70% of spots will have mostly faded away. 

I'm interested now, when can I make an appointment?

This is a seasonal treatment, reccomended for the winter or fall time when we are not getting sun or out in the heat all the time like in the summer. This treatment is very selective about qualifying patients. IPL  isn't for you if are pregnant, have skin cancer, reccently tanned, dark-skinned, on certain medications for the skin that could butt heads with the treatment. Its important that if you get IPL that ypu listen to the reccomendations and make sure the professional preforming it qualifies you as a good candidate. If you don't take care of yourself properly there can be some complications like burns, addition of dark spots and more if you don't follow instructions.

Of course consultations are free at Outer Banks Dermatology, just call (252) 441-7546 to set one up.


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